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Album by The Kills.
  1. No Wow
  2. Love Is a Deserter
  3. Dead Road 7
  4. The Good Ones
  5. I Hate the Way You Love
  6. I Hate the Way You Love Part 2
  7. At the Back of the Shell
  8. Sweet Cloud
  9. Rodeo Town
  10. Murdermile
  11. Ticket Man
UK limited edition bonus disc
  1. The Good Ones (The Jagz Kooner remix)
  2. The Good Ones (Tiga remix)
  3. The Good Ones (Backstage Sluts Double Drop remix)
  4. Love Is a Deserter (Cavemen remix)
  5. Love Is a Deserter (Simian Mobile disco mix)
  6. Love Is a Deserter (Phones "Cardiac Unrest" mix)
  7. No Wow (MSTRKRFT remix)
  8. No Wow (Chicken Lips remix)
  9. No Wow (Test Icicles remix)
  10. Run Home Slow
  11. Baby's Eyes
  12. Passion Is Accurate
  13. Magazine
  14. The Void
  15. Half of Us

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