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Flesh And Bone

This song is by The Killers and appears on the album Battle Born (2012).

I've gone through life white-knuckling
The moments that left me behind
Refusing to heed the yield
I penetrate the force-fields in the blind

They say I'll adjust, God knows I must
But I'm not sure how
This natural selection pick me out to be
A dark horse runnin' in a fantasy

(Flesh and bone)
And I'm runnin' outta time
(Flesh and bone)

Somewhere outside that finish line
I square up and break through the chains
And I hit like a raging bull
Anointed by the blood, I take the reins

Cut from the cloth
Of a flag that bears the name "Battle Born"
And they'll call me the contender
They'll listen for the bell
With my face flashing crimson from the fires of hell

(What are you afraid of?)
And what are you made of?

(Flesh and bone)
And I'm runnin' outta time
(Flesh and bone)
And what are you made of?
(Flesh and bone)
Man, I'm turning on a dime
(Flesh and bone)

(This could decay) This could decay
Like the valley below
Defenses are down
Stakes are high

(You scour the crowd for a face of compassion)
The fairytale end
(The grace of the journeymen fought is no more)
The staggerin' blow
(The moment of the truth and the roots of desire)
You lead with your chin
(No neutral corners, just a compass and the Sun)
This could be real
(No neutral corners, just a)

And what are you made of?
(Flesh and bone)
And I'm runnin' outta time
(Flesh and bone)

What are you made of?

Faces forward
Trade in this blindness for the glow of love
And time is raging, may it rage in vain
And you always had it, but you never knew

So, boots and saddles (Flesh and bone), get on your feet
There's no surrender, 'cause there's no retreat
The bells are sobbing (Flesh and bone) in this monster land
We're the descendants of giant men


Lyrics by:

Brandon Flowers

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