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This song is by The Kelly Family and appears on the album From Their Hearts (1998).

Fell in love with a beautiful girl
With a beautiful girl that I've never seen
She told me to be strong
Someone I loved fell behind
I tried to hold on but I'm not strong
'Cause she told me she told me
I'm speechless I'm out of control

Hallelujah to my Mama
Hallelujah she's in heaven
Hallelujah to my Mama
She's in heaven, heaven

Took by pride and my job away
I had a choice to leave or stay
And I stayed yes I stayed now
Took my choice and fought like a dog
Took the chance and now I'm back
And I made it 'cause she told me
I'm speechless it's in the name of mom

Hallelujah to my Mama ...

Won't let go too easy
I won't let go too easy
'Cause I know
I know now
'Cause we know
We know now

Hallelujah to my Mama ...

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