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A Hard Day's Night

This song is by The Kelly Family and appears on the album Honest Workers (1991).

It's been a hard day's night
And I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night,
I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you,
I find the thing that you do
Will make me feel all right

You know I work all day,
To get some money, to buy you things
And it's worth it just to hear to say,
You're gonna give me everything
That's why I love came home,
'Cause when I get you alone
You know I'll be OK

When I'm home,
Everything seems to be all right
When I'm home,
Feeling you holding me tight, tight yeah

It's been a hard...

You know I feel all right
You know I feel all right

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