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The Onion Field

This song is by The Jazz Butcher and appears on the album Cult of the Basement (1990).

I'm going down to the Onion Field
To make it all right
I'm going down to the Onion Field
And it's not for the first time
Girl, you're too good for this world
And it hurts too bad, it hurts too bad
My dear, there's no future for you here
And my mind's made up, it can't go on this way
Now it's dark, oh, now it's dark
And they won't even know we're gone
So keep very still
No one can hurt you
Down in the Onion Field

I'm going down these days
And I'm damned if you'll get pulled down with me
There's not a single sound from the phone
When your friends don't want to know you
I know it's not right
This isn't what I promised you
But now my hands are tied
Just the same as when the ship goes down
And the captain stays inside.
You're too good to go that way, too good for this world
For slow death in a country town
You're too good for this world, something had to be done
And now it's dark, now it's dark

So keep very still
Nothing can hurt you
Under the Onion Field

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