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Rosemary Davis' World Of Sound

This song is by The Jazz Butcher and appears on the album Waiting for the Love Bus (1993).

Dawn in a suburban garden.
Troop of horses passing.
Milk float runs and stops.
House to house delivery.
Church bell tolling.
Alsatian barking.
Human heartbeat.
Start, tick over, depart.
Gas escaping.
Men running on country road.
Domestic fire burning.

And I'm lost in Rosemary Davis world of sound.
And I don't believe I ever want to come down.

Departure preparations.
Sea wash astern.
Engines running at 18 knots.
Door opens and slams.
Monsters roaring.
Electrical sounds.
Radio static.

From the sounds of a world where I might be
At the other end of the galaxy
I'm lost in Rosemary Davis world of sound.

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