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Easy Way Out

This song is by The J. Geils Band and appears on the album Hotline (1975).

My coins are all bent
They can't fit the slot
I ain't lookin' too good I ain't feelin' so hot
You know I feel I'm bein' torn apart
I can't get movin' I just can't start
Ain't no easy way out

Well it's more than the weather that's drivin' me up the wall
I'm poppin' my pills They don't work at all
Takin' a walk on ol' Blueberry Hill
It's been so long since I found a thrill
Ain't no easy way out

Confusion and delusion
Oh man they got the best of me
And it's so hard to get it by
I remember how things used to be

A tray of hors d'oeuvres was spread across my bed
I was so far gone I don't remember a word I said
You say you love me I believe you do
It's more than love gonna get me through
Ain't no easy way out

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