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Disney soundtrack by various artists.
  1. The Bells of Notre Dame by Paul Kandel, David Ogden Stiers and Tony Jay
  2. Out There by Tony Jay and Tom Hulce
  3. Topsy Turvy by Paul Kandel
  4. Humiliation
  5. God Help the Outcasts by Heidi Mollenhauer
  6. The Bell Tower
  7. Heaven's Light / Hellfire by Tom Hulce and Tony Jay
  8. A Guy Like You by Jason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough and Mary Wickes
  9. Paris Burning
  10. The Court of Miracles by Paul Kandel
  11. Sanctuary!
  12. And He Shall Smite the Wicked
  13. Into the Sunlight
  14. The Bells of Notre Dame (reprise) by Paul Kandel
  15. Someday by All-4-One
  16. God Help the Outcasts by Bette Midler


French version

  1. Rien qu'un jour by Francis Lalanne

Misattributed Song Pages

Dutch lyrics

  1. Daarbuiten
  2. God Heb Genade

French lyrics

  1. Les Cloches De Notre-Dame
  2. Charivari
  3. L'humilation
  4. Les Bannis Ont Droit D'amour
  5. Une Douce Lueur/Infernal
  6. Un Gars Comme Toi
  7. La Cour Des Miracles
  8. Le Sanctuaire
  9. Le Damné
  10. Les Cloches De Notre-Dame (Reprise)
  11. Un Jour
  12. Les Coeurs Sans Logis

Norwegian lyrics

  1. Gud se i nåde

Spanish lyrics

  1. Resonando en Notre Dame
  2. Sueña

Swedish lyrics

  1. Esmeraldas bön

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