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Hard Hard Year

This song is by The Hollies and appears on the album Would You Believe? (1966).

This song has been covered by The Everly Brothers under the title "Hard Hard Year".
Bad times, something's wrong
Money's gone, I'm on my own
Can't stay, there's nothing here
It's been a hard, hard year

First month, snows came
Put me in bed, couldn't work the same
Job's gone, bills are here
Been a hard, hard year

I look on the bad side of life
I lose heart then I want to die
So I've got to get back on my feet
And prove to myself I'm a man

I hope that the bad times are gone
It's been work, but I think that I've won
Now I'm happy
And I'll never be that way again
No, I'll never be that way again

Snow's gone, spring's here
Won't happen twice, I've seen my way clear
Everyone's paid, got no one to fear
Been a hard, hard year


Written by:

Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks, and Graham Nash; credited to the pseudonym L. Ransford

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