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Highwayman (1985)

The Highwaymen


  1. Highwayman
  2. The Last Cowboy Song
  3. Jim, I Wore a Tie Today
  4. Big River
  5. Committed To Parkview
  6. Desperados Waiting for a Train
  7. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)
  8. Welfare Line
  9. Against the Wind
  10. The Twentieth Century is Almost Over

Highwayman 2 (1990)

The Highwaymen - Highwayman 2

Highwayman 2

  1. Silver Stallion
  2. Born and Raised in Black and White
  3. Two Stories Wide
  4. We're All in Your Corner
  5. American Remains
  6. Anthem '84
  7. Angels Love Bad Men
  8. Songs That Make a Difference
  9. Living Legend
  10. Texas

The Road Goes On Forever (1995)

The Highwaymen - The Road Goes On Forever

The Road Goes On Forever

  • The group's name on the cover of this album appears as Highwaymen, not The Highwaymen.
  1. The Devil's Right Hand
  2. Live Forever
  3. Everyone Gets Crazy
  4. It Is What It Is
  5. I Do Believe
  6. The End of Understanding
  7. True Love Travels a Gravel Road
  8. Death and Hell
  9. Waiting for a Long Time
  10. Here Comes That Rainbow Again
  11. The Road Goes On Forever
10th Anniversary Edition Bonus Tracks
  • An alternative 10th Anniversary Edition was also released which included a DVD - a music video for "It Is What It Is", and a short documentary film entitled Live Forever - In the Studio with the Highwaymen.
  1. If He Came Back Again
  2. Live Forever (Acoustic Demo)
  3. I Ain't Song (Acoustic Demo)
  4. Pick Up the Tempo (Acoustic Demo)
  5. Closer to the Bone (Acoustic Demo)
  6. Back in the Saddle Again (Acoustic Outtake)

Other Songs

  1. Best Of All Possible Worlds
  2. City Of New Orleans
  3. I've Always Been Crazy

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