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Dead Cicada

This song is by Status Quid and appears on the album 439 Golden Greats (1981) by The HeeBeeGeeBees.

There's an old shack
Near a dirt-track
Where aging rock stars go
And reminisce
Then take a piss
And sing kinda slow
There's a taverna
With a bunsen burner
Where they cook their beans
And remember
The old West and how things used to be... singing

California and bat guano
And beating up the new kid in town
And eating beans in some hacienda
And taking your trousers down
And desperadoes and bat guano
And making out with Jesse James
And eating dogs and killing Injuns
'Caues they had dumb names

And mountain passes
And sore asses
And going outside for a leak
And getting shot at
In the john and
Not washing for a week

But now the dirt-track's
Full of cadillacs
It's a freeway in a smokeless zone
And the taverna's a McDonald's
And my friends are answer-phones
And there's a country
Up a gumtree
Called the U S of A
And there's an asshole
In the White House
And we long for those bygone days... of

California and bat guano
And sleeping with your horse
And killing dogs and eating Injuns
And being an asshole of course
Desperadoes and bat guano
And singing harmony-y-y-y-y-y-y
I'm just a cowboy with a guitar
Oh what's to become of me

California and bat guano
Got the better of me
I'm a desperado
'Cause there's bat guano
All over me
Dead cicada

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