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439 Golden Greats (1981)

The HeeBeeGeeBees - 439 Golden Greats

439 Golden Greats

  1. Meaningless Songs by The HeeBeeGeeBees
  2. (Dancing) Up The Wall by Jack Michaelson
  3. Dead Cicada by The Beagles
  4. Quite Ahead Of My Time by David Bowwow
  5. You're My Son by Kenny Rogered
  6. Boring Song by Status Quid
  7. Ah! by The HeeBeeGeeBees
  8. Too Depressed To Commit Suicide by The PeeCees
  9. Simple Song by Paul McHartthrob & Wangs
  10. Granma by St Winnalot's Reform School Choir
  11. Music Machine by BÅBBA
  12. Oh Me! by Larry Pilsson
  13. Bird Of Peace by Neil Dung, Bob Vylan, etc.

20 Big No. 2's (1984)

The HeeBeeGeeBees - 20 Big No. 2's

20 Big No. 2's

  1. Pretty Boys on Video as Drone Drone
  2. Kiss and Make Up as Couture Club
  3. Purple Pants as Ponce
  4. When Two Songs Sound the Same as Frankie Goes to the Bank
  5. Wherever I Lay as Paul Yuk
  6. Scatological Song as Supertrash
  7. Down Tools as Men Relaxing
  8. Dancelot as Poxy Music
  9. Toyland Rhapsody as Queer
  10. Gary Clitter Is Back as Gary Clitter
  11. Get 'Em off Irene as Sexist Midnight Runners
  12. I Don't Want Your Baby as Human Leak
  13. Me! as The Kids From Shame
  14. Bored in the USA as Bruce Springbok
  15. Song Without a Tune as Billy Idiot
  16. Curdled Milk and Boot Polish as Paul McCarthrob And Stevie Blunder
  17. Are Trains Electric? as Gary Inhuman
  18. Out of Proportion as Jack Michaelson
  19. A Don't Wanna Smoke Any More Dope as Eddy Grunt
  20. Lies as Spamdown Belly
  21. We Can't Have Hits of Our Own Anymore as Stars Over 45

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