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The Georgia Yellow Hammers
  1. The Running Blues
  2. When the Birds Begin Their Singing in the Trees
  3. The Old Rock Jail Behind the Old Iron Gate
Uncle Bud Landress
  1. Coon-Hunting in Moonshine Hollow
  2. Visiting Sal's House in Moonshine Hollow
Charles Brothers
  1. Oh How I Love Jesus
  2. Looking This Way
North Georgia Quartette
  1. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
  2. Each Day I'll Do a Golden Deed
  3. I Can, I Do, I Will
  4. Wandering Child Come Home
The Georgia Yellow Hammers
  1. Big Ball in Memphis
  2. Come Over and See Me Sometime
  3. Sale of Simon Slick - Part 1
  4. Sale of Simon Slick - Part 2
  5. Kiss Me Quick
  6. Black Annie
  7. Warhorse Game
  8. The Deacon's Calf
Turkey Mountain Singers
  1. Does the Pathway Lead Straight
  2. He Will Never Leave Me
  3. Precious Memories
  4. Keep Marching All the Time

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