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Bill Chitwood & Bud Landress
  1. Pa, Ma and Me
  2. Over the Sea
  3. Hen Cackle
  4. Fourth of July
  5. Whoa Mule
  6. Furniture Man
  7. Jerusalem, Mourn
  8. I Got Mine
  9. Howdy, Bill
  10. Johnny, Get Your Gun
Calhoun Sacred Quartet
  1. Life's Railway to Heaven
  2. The Church in the Wildwood
Phil Reeve & Ernest Moody
  1. Down Where the Watermelon Grows
The Georgia Yellow Hammers
  1. Pass Around the Bottle
  2. Going to Ride That Midnight Train
  3. Johnson's Old Grey Mule
  4. Fourth of July at a Country Fair
Bill Chitwood and His Georgia Mountaineers
  1. How I Got My Wife
  2. Smiling Watermelon
  3. Preacher Blues
  4. I Had But Fifteen Cents
  5. It Won't Happen Again for Months
  6. Fourth of July at the County Fair

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