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What's the Secret?

This song is by The Feeling and appears on the album The Feeling (2016).

Just when it seemed the worst
All fears have been reversed
And so swift dispersed a good day
Another aftershock, a bomb with ticking clock
And now you don't know what you should say, could say
I know I dropped the ball
So many times before
It's almost karma come they phoned me
You read the questions now
Of cope me up and while it's just
A little late for sorry baby

If I predict one thing
I'll sell my soul again
And steal this suffering tomorrow, baby
This endless savor us this miserable success
Is only happiness that's borrowed, baby
So wave your piece around
And say something you found
Did you know I'm scared of heights and you terrified me

At least of broken parts
I search for healing hearts
To tell me where to start
And show me sweetness
'Cause I just get it wrong
At least it's getting long
And they will make me strong
So what's the secret?

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