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Even If I Hold It In My Hand (Hard Luck Story) - Previously Unreleased

This song is by The Everly Brothers.

I thought your love would last for ever
I thought that I'd found paradise
Now that it's over I even doubt that there's a sunrise
Even though I see it with my eyes

I thought that you could never leave me
I built a world of dreams and plans
Now that you're gone I even doubt I see your picture
Even though I hold it in my hands

I thought that you could never hate me
I thought that talk was just a lie
But now that you're here telling me you've never loved me
I even wonder if I'm still alive

I thought that you could never hurt me
And as I lie here in my bed
There's even a doubt and a fear this gun will kill me
Even when I hold it to my head


Written by:

Carlisle Hughey; William Smith

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