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Don't Ya Even Try

This song is by The Everly Brothers and appears on the album Rock'n Soul/Beat & Soul (2005).

I told you baby from time to time
You're gonna be mine all mine
You ain't ever gonna say goodbye
You ain't ever gonna make me cry
Don't you even try

Don't try to feed me that same old line
Don't you ever try to leave me behind
Don't try to blow me off your trail
Telling me those fairy tales
Don't you even try

I'll follow you to Dallas or New Orleans
For your lovin' baby you know what I mean
I even got old cupid waitin' down the line
To shoot you with his arrows case you leave me behind

On the day that I make you mine
I hope that you'll change your mind
You'll say to me "you don't say goodbye
Don't you ever make me cry
Don't you even try"


Written by:

Don Everly and Phil Everly

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