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Don't Let Our Love Die - 1951 Version, Previously Unreleased

This song is by The Everly Brothers.

Someone stole you, my darling from me
Someone stole my love and your heart
Is it really true, you don't care for me?
Have you missed me since we've been apart?

I have a feeling you still love me yet
'Cause I watched as you go dancing by
With tears in your eyes in another's arms
Darling, don't let our love die

What I would give just to know you still care
I would wait 'til the ending of time
If I thought you'd come back and play the game fair
Love me and be only mine

What can I do to make you believe that I love you?
Oh, won't you please try?
If there's any room in your heart left for me
Darling, don't let our love die


Written by:

Leslie York

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