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Untouched (1972)

The Emotions - Untouched


  1. Take Me Back
  2. Nothing Seems Impossible
  3. Boss Love Maker
  4. It's Been Fun
  5. Love Ain't Easy Onesided
  6. Blind Alley
  7. Show Me How
  8. If You Think It (You May as Well Do It)
  9. Love Is the Hardest Thing to Find
  10. Tricks Were Made for Kids
  11. Boy, I Need You

Flowers (1976)

The Emotions - Flowers


  1. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
  2. Me for You
  3. You've Got the Right to Know
  4. We Go Through Changes
  5. Special Part
  6. No Plans for Tomorrow
  7. How Can You Stop Loving Someone
  8. Flowers
  9. God Will Take Care of You

Sunshine (1977)

The Emotions - Sunshine


  1. Shouting Out Love
  2. Geewhiz (Look at His Eyes)
  3. I Really Miss You
  4. Ain't No Sunshine
  5. Runnin' Back (And Forth)
  6. Anyway You Look at It
  7. Baby, I'm Through
  8. Innocent
  9. Put a Little Love Away
    Bonus tracks on iTunes release (2007)
  10. I've Fallen in Love
  11. I Wanna Come Back
  12. Peace Be Still
  13. What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas
  14. I Call This Loving You

Rejoice (1977)

The Emotions - Rejoice


  1. Best of My Love
  2. A Feeling Is
  3. A Long Way to Go
  4. Key to My Heart
  5. Love's What's Happenin'
  6. How'd I Know That Love Would Slip Away
  7. Don't Ask My Neighbors
  8. Blessed
  9. Rejoice

Chronicle: Greatest Hits (1979)

The Emotions - Chronicle- Greatest Hits

Chronicle: Greatest Hits

  1. So I Can Love You
  2. The Best Part of a Love Affair
  3. Stealin' Love
  4. When Tomorrow Comes
  5. Heart Association
  6. You Make Me Want to Love You
  7. Show Me How
  8. My Honey and Me
  9. I Could Never Be Happy
  10. From Toys to Boys
  11. Runnin' Back (And Forth)
  12. Put a Little Love Away
  13. Baby, I'm Through
  14. Shouting Out Love

Other Songs

  1. I Don't Want To Let You Go
  2. I Should Be Dancing
  3. Mighty Mighty

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