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Hymn To The Fallen

This song is by The Electric Hellfire Club and appears on the album Electronomicon (2002).

Conjuration (Song Of Azazel)

The flame is lit and the shadows have grown long
We raise our voices in triumphant song
We sing the praises of Azazel whom we call
We invoke the spirits of our comrades who have fallen

We give thanks for the power and the gifts you have bestowed
Come forth Azazel!
We sing the praises of the forces down below
Come forth Azazel!
We sing the praises of Azazel whom we call
Come forth Azazel!
We conjure thee benefactor of us all
Come forth Azazel!

Come forth from the night
Bring us weapons
Bring us might
Bring us beauty
Bring us light
Bring us objects that delight

Give us money
Give us drugs
Give us liquor
Give us guns
Fallen angel we conjure thee
Come Azazel, be free!

Azazel! I conjure thee!
Darkest Lord now come to me!
Azazel! I conjure thee!
Show yourself for all to see!
Appear as man
Appear as beast!
Come to us and join our feast!
Show yourself for all to see and join us in our Revelry!

Goat Mass

We are gathered here tonight to pay homage to the Dark Lord Azazel
And his earthly representative
The Black Goat of the Northern Woods
We bow in reverence and beseech thee that thou might grant a boon
To each and every present
It is our darkest desire that thou join us in
Our Revelry!

Revelry (Feast Of The Beast)

Release the Hounds!

And the Hounds of Hell will eat well tonight
At the Feast of the Beast in the pale moonlight
Our minds begin to fill with diabolical notions
As we gorge ourselves on magic powders and potions
We imbibe the spirits that intoxicate
We cavort with our wenches and we copulate
Come and join us in our Revelry!

Come on you motherfuckers!

Children of the Underworld come forth
And claim that which is yours by birth
Children of Darkness join us here
Meet the Unholy Father of Fear
Tonight we salute our fallen brothers
Those who have died and a host of others
We do not mourn but we celebrate
For someday we shall all share this fate
Eat, drink, be merry, get high
Tonight we indulge for tomorrow we may die

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