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Find Me A Home

This song is by The Detroit Cobras and appears on the album Life, Love And Leaving (2001).

Don't you know I've got to find me a home,
Right now,
In your heart...
I'll travel...
Over mountains,
Down highways,
Through the valleys,
And the by-ways,
Just to find me a home
In your heart

We'll make sweet
Pretty music
While the birdies sing
Tug along now
With the heart strings
Just to find a home
Sweet home
In your heart

Baby for you I'll travel:
Over mountains,
Down highways,
Through the valleys baby,
And the by-ways
Just to find my home
Right now
In your heart
Hey hey

Got to, got to, find a home, home, home
Help me somebody
Somebody, somebody
I got to, got to, got to find my baby
Right now in your heart
Hey hey

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