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Super Goo

This song is by The Cramps and appears on the album Big Beat From Badsville (1997).

Super goo super goo oowe baby is that you super goo super goo owwe baby what you do super goo super goo shimmy goo shampoo jelly jelly jam too super goo goin' gaga for that mama with the big sex fizz goin' coocoo 'bout the goo goo in them groovy hips got the shim sham shimmy rushin' up my spine I'm in a barracuda frenzy for that meat o'mine super goo super goo she's the Venus of chihhuaha in the tunnel of love meltin' down my ungawa... oh lord above! boogaloo hangover creepin' in on me super goo sailin' over the deep blue sea super goo super goo well baby is that you jelly jelly in the zoo super goo super goo.

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