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This album was the Album of the Week from December 4, 2006 to December 10, 2006
Album by The Corrs.
  1. Erin Shores (Traditional Intro)
  2. Forgiven Not Forgotten
  3. Heaven Knows
  4. Along With The Girls
  5. Someday
  6. Runaway
  7. The Right Time
  8. The Minstrel Boy
  9. Toss The Feathers
  10. Love To Love You
  11. Secret Life
  12. Carraroe Jig
  13. Closer
  14. Leave Me Alone
  15. Erin Shore
  16. Somebody Else's Boyfriend (Japan bonus track)
Bonus Disc
This bonus disc was included only on the Australian, New Zealand Limited Tour Edition. It was later released separately under the title The Corrs Live.
  1. Runaway (live)
  2. Secret Life (live)
  3. Toss the Feathers (live)
  4. Forgiven, Not Forgotten (acoustic)
  5. The Right Time (acoustic)
  6. Rainy Day (Non-LP bonus track)
  7. The Right Time (Radio Edit)

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