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Wakey Wakey

This song is by The Constructus Corporation and appears on the album The Ziggurat (2002).

I don't know if you noticed, but your planet uh ...
Sort of like pretty fucked up
The severely chaotic vibration caused by the slaughter of innocent sentient beings
Has led to this current situation
Now unless you been blessed with the ability to manipulate your destiny
Stick your head back in its hole
Part of me is like: pardon me, sorry to disturb your little comfort zone
And the rest of me is like: wake the fuck up
For goodness sakes, don't let your children pay for your mistakes
The human race cannot evolve so long as they consume flesh
Question: does your world resemble heaven or hell
The demon people have got you trapped in their voodoo spell
We weren't designed to exist like this
I was created in the image of an almighty, compassionate entity
So it looks like I'm going to have to re-arrange things a little
So we can experience this shit like it was meant to be

Yoohoo, wakey wakey?

How come I can't fly or breathe underwater like I can in my dreams
Or like, communicate with animals like adam and eve
These and many other exciting questions will be answered
When the power-hungry uglies controlling this realm get blasted
By their own reflection, calm minds provide protection
Neglection of your health is the best way to get swayed
Manipulated by blood spells
You eat food containing fear, that's why you scared
And unprepared for the transition
From pisces to aquarius, I'm on a mission
Steady hitting pressure-points with pin-point precision
Till they take the carrots out their fuckin' ears and listen

Yoohoo, wakey wakey?

I don't really think anyone's that different from me
We rock individually and connect invisibly
The Thundercats on the track never skipping a beat
Fresh like an early morning skinny dip in the sea
"Do you hear that humming? Look at these strange tracks in the sand.
There's something coming, come on man, let's get back in the van!"
Said Jim to his good friend Doctor Spock, but when Spock disappeared,
Jim was like, "What the fuck!?"
He freaked out, whipped out his phazer, started looking around
Little did he know Spock was safe with us under the ground
"Relax doctor, this won't hurt please don't panic."
The beats started banging and we began the re-programming
I told him not to be nervous
Then fucked with his head on purpose and sent him back to the surface
"Jim?" "Oh god, Spock, my heart!" "Sorry captain?
"Uh, ah, hoo, it's fine man. What happened?"

Yoohoo, wakey wakey?

Sir, why do you have those two carrots stuck in your ears?
I'm sorry, I can't hear you, I got these two carrots stuck in my ears.

Yoohoo, wakey wakey?

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