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Long Street

This song is by The Constructus Corporation and appears on the album The Ziggurat (2002).

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Song of the Day
March 06, 2019
The people of long street lived very simple lives
They had wonderful natures and were never impolite
Up until the day the juju man came to town
Now check it out as I break it down:

Mrs Lekkerlegs was busy hanging her washing on the line
So what happened next was definitely like the last thing on her mind
An unfamiliar voice behind her said, 'how do you do?'
'Oh, I'm very well thanks' she replied, 'but now who are you?'
The strange character in the top hat and the long black coat
Introduced himself politely and then said,
'On that note, I'd like to show you another something that I doubt you've ever seen
Here take a look at this beautiful machine'
The strange little gadget started changing like magic
Then cleverly made its way up to the clothes line
In the blink of an eye it removed all the clothes
Then spun them around till they were dry
And had them all folded very neatly in no time
?Oh my?, said Mrs Lekkerlegs, who was quite taken aback
And very curious about this character in black
Very soon the whole town was making a scene
About the juju man and his amazing machine?

The next day the Juju man went walking through town
Well aware of what everybody was talking about
He had some time to kill before his appointment a little later with the mayor
So he took this opportunity to socialize a bit
Now just between you and me the most surprising shit's about to spark
The strangest things have got a habit of coming out of the dark
Just when you expect them least
Lies never rest in peace
Anyway, today was kind of like an important day, ja
Everybody had come to see the juju man's special present for the mayor
He greeted the crowd with a bow then opened his big fat sack
And at that, presented the mayor with a black back-pack
Everybody standing around went: 'ooh!'
The mayor put it on, then was like, 'mm, what does it do?'
All of a sudden, two long metal arms with bright red buttons at the end
Extended from out of the back-pack 'Grab a hold of them my friend?'
The mayor followed the instruction then felt the power surge
As the special metal wings emerged
Then everybody cried out with glee
As the mayor took off clumsily like a bumble-bee

(Meanwhile in the woods: snufflegruff called an important meeting with the boom band ..)

Something funny's going on, and we'd better do something about it soon man
There's a humongous metal fungus spreading and everyone's acting weird
And the strangest thing of all is we the only one's who can see it
We gotta do something to get everyone's attention
Then hit them with our super-natural frequency selection
We can build a big thing on the back of my grandpa's donkey cart
And take a nice slow cruise through town with our fat beats pumping hard
We could call it: the long street carnival
'Cause I know that juju man is definitely up to something horrible
Ok we got quite a lot of stuff to do, so yo come on, let's get busy
The big fish is about to get taken out by some crazy little fishies!

The big day arrived as advertised, and everybody got with the festive vibe
As the sun rose to bless the sky by shining extra bright
Snufflegruff mesmerized these humans with his magnificent vibration
Even some visitors from afar were like, ?man isn't this amazing??
The speakers bumped as The Boom Band freaked the funk
At all the smiley people feeling the song
Singing along without a care in the world all shouting and clapping
All totally unaware of what was about to happen.

The Boom Band bloomed beautifully that sunny afternoon
The day the machines stopped working was a day no one would forget soon
A terribly dreadful cry pierced through the Long Street Carnival
As the juju man emerged from his brand new house on the hill
Aaarrgghh!? he cried like some kind of evil, alien new born
As The Boom Bands incredible, metaphysical vibe revealed his true form
People screamed as the evil fiend morphed into some parktown-prawn-like monster
Whilst emitting an excruciatingly high-pitched shriek, like when you cook a lobster
Most of the crowd scattered, others started praying
But The Boom Band just kept on playing
The creature rose into the air squirming then started spraying
This disgusting smelly yellow stuff as it flew back to its master
With his tail between its legs and everybody lived happily ever after.
The end

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