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This Old House Is Burning Down Tonight

This song is by The Clarks and appears on the album Another Happy Ending (2002).

This old house is burning down tonight
I'm gonna watch it burn
I'm gonna stand out in the road
This old house is burning down tonight

Front porch, back door, well-worn wooden floor
All agree that since you're gone
The TV, sofa bed, brand new stereo
Just can't seem to get along
They'll all be ashes by the dawn

Your Beatles, my Stones, your My Aim Is True
Staying up late every night
With your cigarettes, Jim Beam, gallon of gasoline
Did someone say they need a light
You'll see my love for you burns bright

So send your sheriff to arrest me
He'll have to cross the county line
I'll get the devil to defend me
I was only burnin' what was mine

Black shirt, black shoes, favorite pair of blue jeans
I saved my coat, I saved my hat
But your white dress, gold band, silver frame and photograph
Stayed behind the welcome mat
I never really liked your cat

This old house is burning down tonight
All Halloween orange and chimney red
This old house is burning down tonight
You're gonna say My God! when you see it on the news
And by the time the ceiling hits the ground
I'll smoke my tires and leave this town

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