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Rise And Fall

This song is by The Clarks and appears on the live album Still Live (2006).

You always had a good time
From the islands to the fault line
Bombed in the confusion
Then you started losin'
All the friends that you had
And the plans that you made
'Cause it's all
Rise and fall
You burned up all your good will
Just to find it overkill
Crossin all the boarder lines
Taken? Dancing through the land mines
Lost in the illusion
Then you started usin'
Now you got a chain and a ball you can call
Got it all
Rise and fall (x2)
Rearranging all of your connections
From the penthouse to the gutter scene
Falling like a hard rain
The last desperate actions of a man you can call
Rise and fall (x2)
(I don't know if this is right)
She's gonna believe it
She's gonna believe it
She's gonna believe it
She's lead me along she's gonna
Get right... whoa!

I guess you never understood
From the nation to the neighborhood
Enemies and friends align
From a glass of wine to stricnine
Damn I heard it died on the 4th of July
Truth did tell
Man it fell like sparks from the sky
'Cause it's all rise and fall
Yeah it's all rise and fall
Rise and fall

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