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Over Me

This song is by The Clarks and appears on the compilation album Strikes & Gutters (2001) and on the live album Live 2001 (2001).

The sun broke the haze
For the 1st time in days
I'm feelin' no pain

I suppose its old news
Like a boy with a bruise
A little girl with no shoes

Nobody knows how lonliness grows
I don't care if it shows
You'll get
Over you, over me

The rain fills the creek
For the first time in weeks
I'm getting' some sleep

I suppose its good news
But it's a hard thing to lose
There's no choice but to choose

Nobody knows
Where happiness goes
Like a river it flows

I'll get
Over Me
You'll get
Over you, over me

But it's a hard thing to see
That you left me here to bleed
As the years roll by
It's gets harder to find
The answer to the question why

I'm leaving today
Gonna make my own
I don't care what they say

I suppose this is real
Like the pain that you feel
Well you'll just have to deal

Nobody knows
Why friends and the foes
I don't care if she knows

You'll get
Over you
I'll get
Over me
You'll get Over you, over me
Over me.over me Over me, over me

Over me

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