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The Lily Of The West (With Mark Knopfler)

This song is by The Chieftains, features Mark Knopfler and appears on the album The Long Black Veil (1995).

When first I came to Ireland
Some pleasure for to find
It's there I spied a damsel fair
Most pleasing to my mind
Her rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes
Like arrows pierced my breast
They call her lovely Molly O
The Lily of the West

One day as I was walking
Down by a shady grove
I espied a Lord of high degree
Conversing with my love
She sang a song delightful
While I was sore oppressed
Saying "I bid adieu to Molly O
The Lily of the West..."

I stepped up with my rapier
And my dagger in my hand
And dragged him from my false love
And boldly bid him stand
But being mad with desperation
I swore I'd pierce his breast
I was then deceived by Molly O
The Lily of the West
I then did stand my trial
And boldly I did plead

A flaw was in my indictment found
And that soon had me freed
That beauty bright I did adore
The judge did her address
"Now go, you faithless Molly O
The Lily of the West."

Now that I've gained my liberty
A-roving I will go
I'll ramble through old Ireland
And travel Scotland o'er
Tho' she thought to swear my life away
She still disturbs my rest
I still must style her Molly O
The Lily of the West

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