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Hannah, I Locked You Out

This song is by The Caulfields.

Take a seat beside me but don't looke me in the eye
That way you won't have to ask and I won't have to lie
And you're doing your best not to understand
There's nothing I have you can hold in your hand
And I'm thinking maybe you just shouldn't cry
So much waiting
I can't stop this hesitating
I'm sorry

Hannah, I locked you out
Because I can't face this prospect just now
Hannah, I locked you out
There's some questions I've been dodging somehow
Hannah, I locked you out...

Too close for discomfort not to get me every time
Too close for my feelings not to crash before the climb
And I'm doing my best not to take your hand
And act in a manner resembling a man
But I only wrote these words because they rhyme

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