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Awake On Wednesday

This song is by The Caulfields.

He wakes up on a Wednesday morning
He can't remember Tuesday's mirth
He barely keeps himself from yawning
Makes his bed for what that's worth
He likes to use vocabulary
His bank account a state of "dearth"
The neighbors they all say he's touched
Dropped him on his head at birth

Is he awake on Wednesday
In a bed where everybody's sleeping
Awake on Wednesday
They all complain but no one's leaving

Decaying is beliving in this town
In this town the folks are nice
In this town the kids are cool
Procastinating all their lives
They play in bands or stay in school
And even the class of '69 wears their back packs all the time
And Wenesday night is nachos at "the park"
The blue and golden rule

He wakes up on a Wednesday morning
And calculates his latest debts
Parents screaming, "Pick a major"
Make a man out of you yet
The neighbors they all say he's touched
He counts andt loud and swears too much
He thinks he's got the right equation
Real world equals the big null set

Decaying is believing in this town
This town just goes around around around
This town
This town
This town

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