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Second Pair Of Eyes

This song is by The Cats and appears on the album Third Life (1983).

Suddenly I knew that you were more than just a friend
More than plain beginning and much more than fancy end
My life was now dependent on your ways
More than just an incidental craze

You took my sences from my grasp and tossed them to the stars
You helped me to escape my mind by bending mental bars
You made my life a form of servitude
You showed me happiness can be pursued

You to me are like a second pair of eyes
Keeping all my visions on the move
You're the one who taught me how to realize
Realize that being is the truth

When you showed me I could live a real life being me
Now I know what eyes are for, they are there to help me see
A real life person here in my own right
Now I know inside me there's insight

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