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This song is by The Cats and appears on the album Third Life (1983).

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I've been out all night
Up and down the lonely backstreets
In and out of every bar-room door
Every hangout that we used to know

And I feel so strange
Seeing the old familiar faces
Doing my best to keep myself in touch
But I keep missing you much too much

And I wonder what you're doing for love these days
It's been a long time since anybody here has seen your face
Yes, I wonder will I find someone to take your place?
Life ain't easy without you, it's cold here these days

Rosie, it's been so long since I've seen you
It's been so hard here without you
I can't stop thinking about you

Rosie, sometimes I think that I see you
Sometimes I think that I feel you
Rosie, it's cold here these days

It's the same old town
Nothing else seems to change too much
Even the movie at the all night show
I've seen it play a dozen times or more

And I feel so strange
Something blindly through the darkness
It's allways empty at the backrow seats
Until I close my eyes and you're with me

And I wonder do you go out at night
And do you ever get fooled in the neonlight?
And do you think you see my face?
Where sometimes I think it's you

And when you disappear from sight
Just another shadow in the night
Another shadow in the night

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