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Let's Spend The Night

This song is by The Cats and appears on the album Third Life (1983).

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How did it get so late?
Where did the night go to?
Strange how it slips away when I'm with you
I know it's almost two

I know you should leave but wait
I thought it over, there's something I've got to say
Why don't you spend the night?
Somehow it seems so right

Why does it have to end so soon?
Please, stay till the morning light
It's such a long way home
And you'd only be alone

Oh, come on now, why don't you spend the night?
Maybe I spoke too soon, maybe my time is wrong
Maybe it's something I shouldn't have said at all
But when I look in your eyes I feel like we're almost home
Oh, something tells me the night's only just begun

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