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How Could I Be So Blind

This song is by The Cats and appears on the album Cats As Cats Can (1967).

This hurting feeling is blowing up my mind
And I know I can't hide my tears inside
How could I, girl, how could I be so blind?

I can hardly bear to know that you're that kind of girl
Never, never, never, never guessed that you would be untrue
How could I, oh, how could I ever be so blind?

Baby, why not tell me where I went wrong
Oh, yes, you tell me
Life's been so beautiful, why can't we try a new?

Oh, don't run away, oh no, no, no, no, no
Oh, darling, oh, darling, how can I ever mmm ever make you stay?
And get together to make two again
Oh, yes we can, mmmm

Staring at nowhere, searching in vain
Flashbacking dreams just cause me pain
How could I, baby, how could I ever be so blind?

Mmm, oh baby, how could I ever be so blind?
Baby, baby, don't tell me

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