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Wildwood Flower

This song is by The Carter Family and appears on the compilation album The Carter Family Volume 1 - 1927-1934 (2002).

This song has been covered by Stonewall Jackson under the title "Wildwood Flower".
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Wildwood Flower
Oh, I'll twine with my mangels and waving black hair
With the roses so red and the lilies so fair
And the myrtle so bright with the emerald dew
The pale amanita and islip like blue

I will dance, I will sing, and my laugh shall be gay
I will charm every heart, in his crown I will sway
When I woke from my dreaming my idol was clay
All portion of love had all flown away

Oh, he taught me to love him and promised to love
And to cherish me over all others above
How my heart is now wondering no misery can tell
He's left me no warning, no words of farewell

Oh, he taught me to love him and called me his flower
That's blooming to cheer him through life's dreary hour
Oh, I long to see him and regret the dark hour
He's won and neglected this pale wildwood flower


Written by:

Joseph Philbrick Webster and Maud Irving

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