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Paths of Victory

This song is by The Byrds and appears on the box set The Byrds (1990).

This song is a cover of "Paths of Victory" by Bob Dylan.
Trails of troubles
Roads of battles
Paths of victory
I shall walk

The trail is dusty
And my road it might be rough
But the better roads are waiting
And boys it ain't far off

Trails of troubles.

I walked down by the river
I turned my head up high
I saw that silver linin'
That was hangin' in the sky

Trails of troubles

The evenin' dusk was rollin'
I was walking down the track
There was a one-way wind a-blowin'
And it was blowin' at my back

Trails of troubles

The gravel road is bumpy
It's a hard road to ride
But there's a clearer road a-waitin'
With the cinders on the side

Trails of troubles

That evening train was rollin'
The hummin' of its wheels
My eyes they saw a better day
As I looked across the fields

Trails of troubles.

The trail is dusty
The road it might be rough
But the good road is a-waitin'
And boys it ain't far off

Trails of troubles


Written by:

Bob Dylan

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