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John Riley

This song is by The Byrds and appears on the album Fifth Dimension (1966) and on the box set The Byrds (1990).

This song is a cover of "John Riley" by Joan Baez.
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John Riley
Fair young maid all in her garden
Strange young man came riding by
Saying, "Fair young maid, will you marry me?"
This then, sir, was her reply

"Oh, no, kind sir, I cannot marry thee
For I've a love who sails the deep salt sea
Though he's been gone these seven years
Still no man shall marry me"

"What if he's died, all in some battle slain?
Or if he's drownded in the deep salt sea?
What if he's found some other love
He and his love both married be?"

"If he's found some other love
He and his new love both married be
I wish them health and happiness
Where they now dwell far across the sea"

He picked her up all in his arms
And kisses gave her one, two, and three
Saying, "Weep no more, my own true love
I am your long-lost John Riley"
Saying, "Weep no more, my own true love
For I'm your long-lost John Riley"


Written by:

traditional, arranged by Bob Gibson and Ricky Neff

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