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Canyons of Your Mind

This song is by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and appears on the single I'm The Urban Spaceman (1969) and on the compilation album The Best of the Bonzo Dog Band (1990).

This is the "B" side of our platter, sports fans
And I'm singing just for you, covered in sequins

In the canyons of your mind
I will wander through your brain
To the ventricles of your heart, my dear
I'm in love with you again!
Across the mountains of your chest
I will stick a Union Jack
To the forest of your cheek, ah...
Through the holes in your string vest!

My darling
In my cardboard-colored dreams
(Cardboard-colored dreams)
Once again I hear your laugh
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)
And I kiss, yes, I kiss your perfumed hair
(But she's not there)
The sweet essence of giraffe
(Of giraffe)

And each time I hear your name
(Frying Pan, Frying Pan)
Oh, oh, oh, my, my... how... how it hurts!
(He's in pain!)
In the wardrobe of my soul
(Of my soul)
In the section labeled "Shirts"
(Ah... ah)


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