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I Feel Like Steppin' Out (1986)

The Big Three Trio - I Feel Like Steppin' Out

I Feel Like Steppin' Out

  1. Signifying Monkey
  2. Reno Blues
  3. After a While
  4. You Sure Look Good to Me
  5. Big Three Boogie
  6. No More Sweet Potatoes
  7. My Love Will Never Die
  8. Ebony Rhapsody (with Rosetta Howard)
  9. I Feel Like Steppin' Out
  10. Just Can't Let Her Be
  11. Lonesome
  12. Appetite Blues
  13. Evening
  14. I'll Be Right Some Day
  15. Blue Because of You
  16. Violent Love

The Big Three Trio (1990)

Willie Dixon- The Big Three Trio

The Big Three Trio

  • recorded 1947 - 1952
  1. Big Three Boogie
  2. If the Sea Was Whiskey
  3. I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man
  4. 88 Boogie
  5. Money Tree Blues
  6. Big 3 Stomp
  7. Since My Baby Gone
  8. Hard Notch Boogie Beat
  9. No One to Love Me
  10. Don't Let That Music Die
  11. It's All Over Now
  12. Tell That Woman
  13. Got You on My Mind
  14. Etiquette
  15. You Don't Love Me No More
  16. Come Here Baby
  17. O.C. Bounce
  18. Cool Kind Woman Blues
  19. Juice-Head Bartender
  20. What Am I to Do
  21. Signifying Monkey
  22. Reno Blues
  23. Just Can't Let Her Be
  24. I'll Be Right Some Day
  25. After Awhile (We Gonna Drink Some Whiskey)

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