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  1. Who's Gonna Tell? (UK release only)
  2. Closer Than Most
  3. Just Checkin'
  4. Hit Parade
  5. Masculine Eclipse
  6. 'Til You Can't Tuck It In
  7. If We Crawl
  8. Tupperware Queen
  9. Half-Hearted Get (Is Second Best)
  10. The River
  11. Baby Please Go
  12. You Can Call Me Leisure
  13. Final Spark
  14. 10,000 Feet
  15. Hot on the Heels of Heartbreak
  16. The Mediterranean
  17. A Little Piece of Advice
  18. Property Quiz
  19. Chicken Wings (UK release only)
Bonus track on 2-disc UK release
  1. White Teeth

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Studio albums: Welcome to the Beautiful South (1989)Choke (1990)0898 (1992)Welcome to 0898 (1992)Miaow (1994)Blue Is the Colour (1996)Painting It Red (2000)Quench (1998)Gaze (2003)Golddiggas, Headnodders and Pholk Songs (2004)Superbi (2006)

Compilations: Carry On up the Charts (1994)Solid Bronze: Great Hits (2001)Gold (2006)The BBC Sessions (2007)Soup (2007)

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Livin' Thing (2004)
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