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Compilation album by The Beatles.
The Beatles - The Beatles' Christmas Album (UK)

The Beatles - The Beatles' Christmas Album (UK)

  1. The Beatles' Christmas Record
  2. Another Beatles' Christmas Record
  3. The Beatles' Third Christmas Record
  4. Pantomime / Everywhere It's Christmas
  5. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
  6. The Beatles' 1968 Christmas Record
  7. The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record



  • Each year from 1963 to 1969, the Beatles had recorded a short Christmas message
    for their fans, comprised of carols, skits, jokes, and thanks to the loyal "Beatle People". Each recording was pressed onto a 7" flexi disc and mailed free to the
    British members of the Fan Club. In 1970, in the wake of the band's break-up, Apple released the compilation of all seven.

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