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Compilation album by The Beatles.
Disc 1:
  1. Free As A Bird
  2. "We Were 4 Guys... That's All" [Interview with John Lennon]
  3. That'll Be the Day by The Quarrymen
  4. In Spite of All the Danger by The Quarrymen
  5. "Sometimes I'd Borrow...Those Still Exists" [Interview with Paul McCartney]
  6. Hallelujah, I Love Her So
  7. You'll Be Mine
  8. Cayenne
  9. "First of All...It Didn't Do a Thing Here" [Interview with Paul McCartney]
  10. My Bonnie by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers
  11. Ain't She Sweet
  12. Cry for a Shadow
  13. "Brian Was a Beautiful Guy...He Presented Well" [Interview with John Lennon]
  14. "I Secured Them... A Beatle Drink Even Then" [Brian Epstein]
  15. Searchin'
  16. 3 Cool Cats
  17. Sheik of Araby
  18. Like Dreamers Do
  19. Hello, Little Girl
  20. "Well, the Recording Test...By My Artists" [Commentary by Brian Epstein]
  21. Bésame Mucho
  22. Love Me Do
  23. How Do You Do It
  24. Please Please Me
  25. One After 909 (False Starts)
  26. One After 909
  27. Lend Me Your Comb
  28. I'll Get You
  29. "We Were Performers...In Britain" [Interview with John Lennon]
  30. I Saw Her Standing There
  31. From Me to You
  32. Money (That's What I Want)
  33. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  34. Roll Over Beethoven
Disc 2:
  1. She Loves You
  2. 'Til There Was You
  3. Twist & Shout
  4. This Boy
  5. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  6. Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise [Morecambe, Wise and The Beatles]
  7. Moonlight Bay
  8. Can't Buy Me Love
  9. All My Loving
  10. You Can't Do That
  11. And I Love Her
  12. A Hard Day's Night
  13. I Wanna Be Your Man
  14. Long Tall Sally
  15. Boys
  16. Shout!
  17. I'll Be Back (Demo)
  18. I'll Be Back
  19. You Know What to Do
  20. No Reply (Demo)
  21. Mr. Moonlight
  22. Leave My Kitten Alone
  23. No Reply
  24. Eight Days A Week (False Starts)
  25. Eight Days A Week
  26. Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

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