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I Should Have Known Better

This song is by The Beach Boys and appears on the album Beach Boys' Party! (1965).

This song is a cover of "I Should Have Known Better" by The Beatles.
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I Should Have Known Better
(Just groovy.)
(What is it, what is it?)
(No--hey, faster.)
(It's Paul. Paul is the [...].)

I should have known better with a girl like you
That I would love everything that you do
And I do, hey hey hey, and I do


Whoa-oh I should have realized what a kiss could be
That this could only happen to me
Can't you see, can't you see...

That when I tell you that I love you, oh
You're gonna say you love me too, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Bow bow bow
And when I ask you to be mi-i-i-ine
You're gonna say you love me too
You love me too
You love me too
You love me too

(Great. Now, "Tell Me Why." How does that go? That's my favorite Beatles song.)
(One more time. Tell me why.)
(Who knows.)
(Hey, 7Up! I want some 7Up.)
(Hey, I got some.)
(Over here, I want some ice cubes!)


Written by:

John Lennon; credited to John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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