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This song is by Unknown Artist and appears on the album Live Recording @ Musiccity (25052004) (2004).

Tony: The new ones?
Terry: New ones
Dave: Let's do the new ones again, can't we just run through it?
Terry: Do the new ones and then lil bitch right at the end
Dave: I can do that... I can do that
Tony: Do it
Terry: So we're gonna play...
Dave: I can do that
Terry: One More Day, Upon
Tony: Entry
Terry: And then a thousand roses
Tony: Anal
Terry: Then lil bitch
Tony: No, what about
Dave: Anal?
Tony: Blue eyes
Dave: Who said anal? Did you just say anal?
Did you say upon entry, then you right by chance said anal?
Tony: Yeah
Dave: You silly... Yeah, we'll call it anal, upon anal entry
With a large stiff erected penis
Tony: No!
Terry: Let's play
Tony: What about the new... The err blue eye, err brown eyed girl
Dave: All right then, err, well we'll do umm...
What do you wanna do then? Well we know thousand roses
More than more the other stuff so...
We'll do 3, the 3 new ones, lil bitch
Terry: So we'll do one more day, upon entry
Dave: Brown eyed girl then lil bitch, yeah? Okay? Happy? Hmm?

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