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  1. The Traveling Song
  2. Love Like the Movies
  3. Sorry Man
  4. Me and God
  5. Pretty Girl from Raleigh
  6. Do You Love Him
  7. I Killed Sally's Lover
  8. Pretty Girl from Locust
  9. My Last Song to Jenny
  10. Walking for You
  11. The D Bag Rag
  12. Pretty Girl from Annapolis
  13. Smoke in Our Lights
  14. Offering
  15. August 15, 1985


  • Vocals, Banjo, Percussion: Scott Avett
  • Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Kazoo, Percussion: Seth Avett
  • Bass, Vocals: Bob Crawford
  • Extra Backup Vocals: Patrick Gauthier
  • Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro: Eric Lovell
  • Vocals on "Love Like the Movies": Daves Rhames
  • Production, Patience, Generousity: Jim Avett

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