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I'll Be Your Man

This song is by The Association and appears on the album Just the Right Sound: The Association Anthology (2002).

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Where were you when I need... ed you so
Where were you when I called your name
Where are you now when I need you again
I guess that things just stay the same

Where's the feelin' you told me you had
The feelin' you said would never change
I was again just like all the rest
I guess that things just stay the same

Chorus (w/background vocals second time only):

But if we ever meet again (meet again)
And if-a you need a true lovin' friend (true lovin' friend)
Just look my way and give me a smile (give me a smile)
And you can stay with me a...

Whi-hi-hile[to verse 3]

While[to coda]

If I could start all over again
You know I'd start again with you
So says my heart but my mind can see
That what we had is through


As long as you can (long as you can, long as you can, long as you can)

I'll be your...


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