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This song is by The Amenta and appears on the album Occasus (2004).

So tell me:
What in monotony makes you dance?
Your robotic grinding
A cracked mirror
And your painted smeared smiles
You are dying
The circles you trudge are shrinking
You fade

You find strength in denial
And meaning in the voids
When everything is shallow and cold

(Begin to end)
When will your eyes flicker open?

What is the meaning of this dance?
A death rite?
You are drinking just to forget
And your desire to be similar
What's in a name?
Express yourself in clichés
That is a meat carnival

You find strength in denial
Build walls where truth knocks
You hide behind others
And smile through screaming
You're a fake

Begin to end
Again to end
Molded from plastic
Begin again
Again to end

Find a new way of dying
Though this is tried and true
Find a new way of dying
This one bores me

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