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Talking Union (1941)

The Almanac Singers - Talking Union

Talking Union

  1. Union Maid
  2. All I Want
  3. Talking Union
  4. Union Train
  5. Which Side Are You On?
  6. Get The Behind Me, Satan

Songs for John Doe (1941)

The Almanac Singers - Songs for John Doe

Songs for John Doe

  1. Strange Death of John Doe
  2. Billy Boy
  3. Ballad of October 16th
  4. Plow Under
  5. C for Conscription
  6. Washington Breakdown
  7. Liza Jane

Sod Buster Ballads (1941)

The Almanac Singers - Sod Buster Ballads

Sod Buster Ballads

  1. The Dodger Song
  2. Ground Hog
  3. State of Arkansas
  4. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  5. I Ride an Old Paint
  6. House of the Rising Sun

Deep Sea Chanteys and Whaling Ballads (1941)

The Almanac Singers - Deep Sea Chanteys and Whaling Ballads

Deep Sea Chanteys and Whaling Ballads

  1. Haul Away, Joe
  2. Blow Ye Wind, Heigh-Ho
  3. Blow the Man Down
  4. The Golden Vanity
  5. Away Rio
  6. The Coast of High Barbary

Dear Mr. President (1942)

The Almanac Singers - Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

  1. Belt Line Girl
  2. Dear Mr President
  3. Deliver the Goods
  4. Reuben James
  5. Round & Round Hitler's Grave
  6. Side by Side

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Boomtown Bill
  2. Greenland Fishing
  3. Keep That Oil A-Rollin'
  4. Song For Bridges
  5. The Weaver's Song
  6. Union Train A' Comin'

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