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So Long

This song is by The Allman Brothers Band and appears on the album Reach For The Sky (1980).

By Gregg Allman and Daniel Toler
(c) 1980 EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
So long, I hope our paths meet again some day.
Oh, but who's to say, who's to say, where or when?
And I'll be hopin' that it'll be real, real soon.
Yeah, I'll be hopin' that you'll be there sharin'
My little cozy bedroom.
We've been together down that long and lonesome road.
The happiness we've shared was through each other
And it's a doggone shame such a beautiful thing,
Should have to fade away,
Not too many people ever had what we had,
To throw it all away is oh, so sad. So long, so long.
So long. I believe our paths may cross again.
And I thank the Lord, thank the Lord,
That this time we parted friends.
So for this time, so long, so long, so long, so long.


Written by:

Gregg Allman, Dan Toler

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